I figured Id Post These Here sense Well It's Sonic /Warning These Are a bit Old(by a few months or so) so not Really good writing or explaining. Sense at the time I didn't know exactly what a Head Cannon Was XD

Sonic Head Cannon 1

In the game Sonic generation's Minnie Sonic never talked, but little Tails did. So I suddenly had this strange Idea. What if as a kid Sonic was deaf, and he never spoke because of this, but he could read lips. Sonic then relied on sight and touch, which some how makes sense considering his ears dont hurt after he does his famous Sonic boom. But as he grew his hearing started to come back a bit but mostly things were muffled, so Tails taught him how to speak fluently, and did experiment's to help his hearing improve. But Sonic mostly relies Reading Lips. Does that make sense to you? Maybe? Lol Just a strange idea I had.

Sonic Head Cannon 2

Sonic's shoes always stay intact because he doesnt have real feet OUO Okay my idea was is that Sonic may have lost hit feet or he was paralyzed from the knees down. So in ether case, the Shoes were created by his unknown Parent's to help him walk and run freely as he please, the shoes capability's is allow Sonic to feel his legs, but when ever he takes them off he wouldnt be able to walk. Thats why he loves to run and never likes to be tied down. He just wants to be free and run as long as he can. Over the years Tails would modify his shoes so they would fit better, and be irresistible to any attack.

Sonic Head Cannon 3

This ones about Shadow Sometimes while mothers are pregnant with there children they'll talk to there baby (as well as the daddy), So when Maria was still little she would often go up to the capsule shadow was in and talk to him. She'd sit criss cross applesauce in front of the chamber and tell him about her day, what she did, or if she was sad. And every night before her bed time she would read shadow one of her story books. Gerald would often watch her with great fascination, and knew that they would have a strong bond with each other when shadow would awake from his watery prison.

Sonic Head Cannon 4

If there ever was an apocalypse on Mobius somehow, The Sonic gang, being compassionate and kind as they are would allow Eggman to stay and help them on there journey with the condition that he would never try to conquer or do anything evil. I have this strange idea that Eggman would grow strangely attached to Amy being Nice and Kind hearted that she is, she would take care of him knowing it's the right thing to do. Eggman would sometimes be nice to her while keeping his evil reputation.

(and thats how a friendship is born =w= )

((This was based off a random Rp I did with a friend XD))

Sonic Head Cannon 5

Shadow has a secrete weakness that only Amy Rose knows about. When She rubs behind Shadows ears he becomes unusually calm and submissive. Kind of like a dog, he'll just give in. Its a Stress relief on his mind. Cute Yeah? =//w//=

Sonic Head Cannon 6

I have an Idea that Eggman and Shadow are pretty chill with each other. Because of Shadow's past, I think they would somewhat treat each other like family(a bit) Shadow seems to do Favor's for Eggman, while still keeping his promise to Maria, and even if they don't admit it I guess Shadow see's him as his uncle somewhat, like how Shadow thought of Gerald like a father. Shadow would have a trusting relationship with Eggman, And if Shadow needed a Favor Eggman would return the kindness, but only to Shadow, because of certain circumstances, of their past.

Sonic Head Cannon 7

When Amy was a little girl, she would get sick a lot. But this wasn't the 'get the flu, and feel better in two day's ' Type of sickness. Amy has a type of disease that at times can make her very ill, and even close to death sometimes. Her own Chaos Powers (summoning her hammer) make her ill (because one of her parents had chaos energy, and the other was more recessive for having chaos powers. Basically her DNA battles over the Dominate Gene or Recessive gene of having chaos ability's.) So to balance out her chaos powers she wears bracelets on her wrist (much like Shadow's inhibitor rings) to keep from getting sick, or dieing, she wears them at all times. This is also why Amy is not as strong as Sonic Shadow, or any other inhabitants with Chaos powers, without chaos emeralds. But just imagine, if she had a chaos emerald in her grasp, or even does these bracelet's give her immortality.......I dunno ill let you be the judge of that ;)


Like I said they are a bit Old so hehehe, I figured id share anyways.