I feel sense I decided to Post my advertisement on this website, that i should go into a little more depth and explain what im doing.

Im looking for Cameo Characters to place in my Comic Dreams and Disasters! I could make a hundred Fcs for my own comic but i thought it might be cool to get all the creative sides of the fanbase and stick them into a very fun, yet sad, exciting, emotional, Story that i have been working on for a while now.

So, if you would like your Sonic character in my Comic then Please Go HERE and read alll of the information. You must, and have to, if you want to submit your character.

To submit your character (after you have read through everything) Use the template I made, and fill out your characters information. Send That to me through Noted on My Deviant Art Page Or in your own Seperate Blog page On the wiki. I need the information all organized and pretty the way I made the template So please dont link me to a wiki page with all of your characters info on it.

I know this seems like an awful lot of work but its neccisary ^^;

The dealine is Going to be October  11th so Dont hesitate to submit your wonderful character(s)^u^

Ill be on the Chat everyday if you have any questions about it PM me.

Have a nice day~

EDIT: Im no longer Accepting Charcaters, Stay tuned for a follow up Post for who's characters Will be apart of my project uvu