Hey guys. It's me, Cloudthehedgehog12. I'm just here for some stuff I'm going to do. Not let's get started shall we?

First up it's sprites:

I'm currently working on my character Nitro the Hedgehog, the step-brother of Shadow. I'll give ya more information on him at the bottom of his current sprites. Right now, I'm getting almost nowhere with him, I am a little lazy by the way. And this is his current sprites:

Nitro the Hedgehog V 1.0

Nitro the Hedgehog is a robotic hedgehog created by Dr. Eggmans uncle, Dr. Natas Robotnik. Nitro is also the step-brother of Shadow the Hedgehog. When Dr. Natas was just about to put the last touch (the arm) on Nitro, until the Black Arms infultrated the lab and killed Natas ignoring Nitro. Nitro then woke up with destruction all over the room. Finnaly realizing he has no arm, Nitro then grabs a arm cannon off of a broken humanoid. He then attaches it.

OK, now on to comics:

You may know me well for my comic:

Season 1-2 poster V 1.0

The thing is I won't be doing it for Season 3, but I will get back to it on Season 4. So what am I doing for Season 4?952183

Just to let you know, this is based off of a comic series by WhiteBladeZero, this will also have to do with Mobius : The Invasion, you see, Silver and WhiteBlade (The guy next to Antoine on the poster for my comic) both time-traveled from the year, 3367. To warn them that a gang of badies (bad guy's if you don't know) from the future are going to attack. WhiteBlade is also leader (In my comic) of the Next-Gen Freedom Fighters. Like I said, I will start the comic in Season 3, but since WhiteBlade Zero hasn't exactlly made all the sprites yet, so I won't start it until I get the sprites. (Credit for WhiteBladeZero for making the sprites and all characters not made by me, except Nitro)

And now, stuff that's coming up:

I will be doing stuff on how to make my fan characters. I'll first start with Nitro when I get into it.

And I also am having a hard decision between leaving wiki and just staying on Smack Jeeves. vote below.

Well that's pretty much it. See ya laterz :)

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