Hello everyone, Cloudthehedgehog12 here, but, just call me Cloud. I'm here to introduce a new comic series known as Destruction Derby. We Sonic characters from the games, cartoons and comic books to battle it out. But it's not just about the characters, it's also about the locations, stages, zones and items. Sure, it's a rip-off of Death Battle of ScrewAttack and Versus of Machinima but hey, it's culture. Anyway, for our pilot episode, let's meet our contestants.

Jet the Hawk is a extreme gear champion and rival of Sonic the Hedgehog. He claims to be the fastest thing alive. On hover boards, sure, but one foot... well that's a conversation for another day. Jet's been spotted for having an annoying voice and cocky personality. He also bears alternate colour scheme to Sonic. His ride for choice is Type-J, it's dash and power are limited and it's speed it unbelievable. Although it's curve could use some working on. He is a descendant of legendary Extreme Gear riders and is leard of a group called the "Babylon Rogues." He is often annoyed by his team and at times embarresed to even be around them. Will he have a chance against our next contestant?

Bean the Dynamite is a phsyco hyperactive duck who has a special side for bombs. In fact, his name even implies of his huge arsenal of bombs. He can carry an infinite amount of bombs and can not reach any limit of how many he has. His origin dervived from the Sega-AM2 game Dynamite Dux. His other appearences include the comic books, Virtua Striker 2, Fighter Megamiz and cameos in Sonic Jam and Generations. When we first layed eyes on Jet, we all confused him for Bean. Hopefully people won't mix these two up while voting.

Now that we've learned about our contestant, it's time to vote. Should the newer Jet win, or should the older bean win. Vote for who you wanna win below. So that's our 0st episode of Destruction Derby, until next time, god bless and happy gaming.

Who should win?

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