Hello people of SNN, I'm her to onounce that i'm doing the very first game battle. In this we decide wich one is better in five categories: Graphics, Gameplay, Storyline, Replayability and Controls. Today it's battle the Storybooks we have Sonic and the Secret Rings vs. Sonic and the Black Knight. and now......

Lets get this rolling!


Now speaking that the graphics for both of the games were about the same, i think Sonic And the Black Knight had better graphics so i'm gonna have to give a point to Black Knight.


Both had sonic just running attacking enimies but the thing that Black Knight had is that you use a sword, wich i thought was a pretty good idea, so Black Knight gets another point.


Ok, this isn't even a challenge! Sonic and the Secret Rings storyline was obviously screwed up! There was no real motivation about it, it was just bullcrap! Black Knight once again.


Now since it took me about like 3 years to beat Secret Rings, i got use to playing the levels alot, while it took me about 2 days to beat Black Knight, it got old playing all the levels, so i have to give a point to Secret Rings.


The controls were different for both games, in the first one you used the Wii Remote sideways and in the next one you use the Wii Remote and Nunchuck, i kinda got used to playing Black Knight's gameplay so Black Knight wins again.

And the winner is..... *Drum role*


Secret Rings may be a fun game but Black Knight is the bomb!