Hello SNN, her is the second battle of the game battles, and we the 2 most popular mascots, Mario and Sonic, and it's a battle between 2 games they were in Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games vs The Winter Games. Rules: No ties, and only five catergories. And the categories are: Graphics, Controls, Gameplay, Unlockable Content and Boxart. so.....

Let's Get Started!!!


Just like the last battle, the graphics were pretty much the same, but i think that winter games had good graphics in some games so Winter Games get's a point.


Controls for both games were absotlutly great! but i thought honestly that Summer Games had more interesting controls, now i'm not saying that Winter Games was bad in controls, i'm just saying that i thought that Summer Games had more harder games to control so a point for Summer Games.


OK, this i have to say that Winter Games had more interesting gameplay, because the characters were fantastic to play as, but the curling one really ticked me off, why come they make a good game and then crap it up with one minigame!? But Winter Games gets another point.

Unlockable Content

OK, now both had not very unlockable content, in Summer Games you can unlock new games like dream events and emblems, similar to Winter Games, except Winter Games had more unlockable content. Because it had more dream events to unlock and it also had costumes for your Mii at the Boquet so i think Winter Games gets another point.


OK, this probally seems like a waist of time, but i'm gonna do it, i think that Summer Olympic Games had better boxart, because i don't think seeing Mario and Sonic snowboarding on a mountain was that interesting then Mario and Sonic just running in front of the person.

And the Winner is....... *Drum role*


The Summer Olimpic Games may be fun, but Winter is the coolest *dum dum, ching* and the Olympic Games you'll come back for!