Hello there all of you happy people. It's me, Cloud. Some may have heard (doubt it) that I'm making a new comic, well, I am. It's about Eggman destroying Knothole and all the Sonic characters forcing to live in an hotel. I have had some changes to the characters in this comic. I've added some new stuff on to them and gave 'em new personalities. Here they are:

Amy Hotel Sonic

Amy: Instead of being Sonic's obsessive stalker, she has became a scientist with an IQ more than Tails and Eggman. She mostly does her science stuff in the basement. She mostly is the one to say a random science thingy when observing a object.

Shadow Hotel Sonic

Shadow: Shadow is much of the same, except he doesn't use his chaos powers anymore and has became calmer in reading non-fiction books and wearing glasses. (Not nerdy ones!)

Knuckles Hotel Sonic

Knuckles: He has retired from gaurding the Master Emerald and decided to relax. He's relaxed so much that he has learnd the jamacin ways and if anybody needs help, he doesn't do danger, but simply inspires them.

Scourge: Scourge doesn't have a design change. He is Sonic's roommate and has started a band called the "Killer Lizards."

And that's it. I'll be working on the first issue. What should it be about?

A. Stephen hawking joke

B. Amy observing an object and saying a weird science thingy.

or C. Tails finding a music video which freaks out Sonic and goes shoot himself.

Put what you want to happen in the comments. Adios, aloha, see ya!

Do you like the changes to the characters?

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