It's 2011, alot of memories in 2010 will be still be remembered, but this will be a contest to remember when we get to 2012. (ahem, if we get to 2012) I'm having a Sonic 20th birthday contest, there will be three categories you must or could do.

1.Fan-art. Make the coolest or funniest art you can, and make sure Sonic is in it.

2.Music. Music has been a variety in the Sonic series, so make your own instramental Sonic music, make sure it's Sonic 3 styled

3.Animanition. Make animated Sonic shorts that are funny, with cool epic battle scene or just something of your imagination.

Please nominate in 1 of each of these categories, and there will be prizes. If you win in Fan-art, you will win a sprite of your fan-char. If you win in Music, I'll give you Sonic 4 just tell me your Wii thingy then i will eventually give you Sonic 4: ep 1. If you win in Animation, I'll see if Kagizumi will let the winner be the User of the month for Febuary. This is going to be one hell of a contest, so get started now!