Ninja's and dimensional counter parts are here to battle it out!

Espio vs Eggman Nega

Espio is a purple anthropomorphic chameleon and an expert ninja. Espio's name is thought to either have been derived from the word "espionage", another word for spying, or to be a reference to the Spanish word "espio" (meaning literally "I spy").

Eggman Nega is the third most recurring villain in the Sonic game series. With the exception of Sonic Rivals 2 (in which Ifrit is the final boss), Eggman Nega has been the main villain and final boss of all four main series games he's been in: Sonic Rush, Sonic Rivals, Sonic Rush Adventure, and Sonic Rivals 2, although he shares the title with Dr.Eggman in the Rush series.He is the primary nemesis of Blaze the Cat and Silver the Hedgehog.

"The ninja stars fly to Eggman Nega." Can these Sonic rivals from the same name battle it out

Espio's ninja skills was no match for Nega's advanced technology. Espio wins the round!