A sielent polar bear goes up against a once villian now hero.

Bark vs Julie-Su

Bark is an anthropomorphic yellow polar bear who appears in the game Sonic the Fighters. In Sonic the Fighters, his incredible strength compensates for his slow speed. He specializes in throws, and has the comical ability to flatten an opponent's head.

Julie-Su is a fictional character in the Sonic the Hedgehog series of comic books, released by Archie Comics. Julie-Su is a 16-year-old pink, female, anthropomorphic echidna who was created by the Archie Comics. She has violet eyes, pink hair with lavender bangs, weighs 46.4 kg (102 lbs.), and is 3 feet 5 inches tall. Her usual wardrobe consists of a vest divided equally into black and green sections, white mittens, a golden belt, and two green boots.

Can a powerhouse go up against the gilrfriend of a powerhouse? Anything can happen!

Who should win this battle?

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Hint on next battle: Will the green doppleganer of the blue blur beat the silver robotic doppleganer of the same blue blur?