Sonic Riders Turbo is a fan-made game. This is the fourth game in the Sonic Riders series.


Eggman Nega, disguised as Eggman has opend the first World Grand Prix Tournament. The prize is a Golden Extreme Gear with speed that is faster than Sonic, which is run by a Chaos Emerald. Who will win?

Team Sonic: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles
Tournament Racket

A Example of the Tournament Racket

Team Babylon: Jet, Wave, Storm

Team Rose: Amy, Cream, Coboa

Team Dark: Shadow, Rouge, Vector

Team Future: Blaze, Silver, Ty

Team Egg: Metal Sonic, Eggman, E-10000G

Team Sonic

Charmy Bee is the host which is is bringing the Tournament Live, he get's a comment from Team Sonic, they find out that there going up against Team Rose, Sonic notices a hedgehog that he has never seen before, the hedgehog says his name is Coboa, who is the ancestor of Silver the Hedgehog. The race then begins!

After beating Team Rose, they go on to the next round. Team Dark has Beat Team Future, so it's Team Dark vs. Team Sonic. Shadow saying how pathetic Sonic is, Vector then points out more obvious reasons, Shadow then tells Vector to shut up. Then the race begins!

Team Dark loses, and Shadow felling so high tempered, just walks away. Team Sonic goes to the next round, to find out that Team Babylon has beat Team Egg. The epic final showdown has began, The race of these two epic rivals begins!

Team Babylon loses, Charmy Bee asking Team Sonic for a comment on there victory. When they get done with comments, a drill comes out from the ground, Eggman then comes out. He then askes to challenge Team Sonic, then Jet decides to join Team Sonic to help, then Wave and Storm decide to help too. A Bonus Round has begun.

Team Egg then loses. Team Sonic and Team Babylon win the tournament. A unexpected victory became.

Team Babylon

Charmy Bee is hosting the World Grand Prix Tournament, he sees Team Babylon and decides to go get a interview before the race. After that, Team Egg comes in,Eggman then says if Metal Sonic and E-10000G don't make him win, he'll put them in scrap. It looks like it's Team Babylon vs Team Egg.

Team Egg loses, Eggman then yells and decides to put Metal Sonic and E-10000G in scrap, they then run away. And then it turns out that next round is a practice round, while the other teams race. So Team Babylon then decides to train.

After that, Team Sonic comes in the finals. It's a race between two epic rivals!

After Team Babylon winning, a drill comes from the ground, Eggman then comes out. He wants a rematch with Team Babylon, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles then decide to help them. A Bonus round has begun!

Team Egg once again loses, Team Babylon and Team Sonic then win!


Voice Actor Role
Roger Craig Smith Sonic the Hedgehog
Kate Higgins Miles "Tails" Prower/Wave the Swallow
Travis Willingham Knuckles the Echidna/Storm the Albatross
Cindy Robinson Amy Rose
Michelle Ruff Cream the Rabbit
Wally Wingert Vector the Crocodile
Kirk Thornton Shadow the Hedgehog
Karen Strassman Rouge the Bat
Michael Yurchack Jet the Hawk
Laura Bailey Blaze the Cat
Keith Silverstein Silver the Hedgehog
Mike Pollock Doctor Eggman
James Avery Espio the Chameleon
John Leguizeamo Fang the Sniper
Rob Paulsen Scourge the Hedgehog
Chris Rock Flare the Hedgehog