Sonic Switch is a multi-platform adventure game. It was released for the Wii, PS3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo 3DS.


Sonic is having a peaceful time in Station Square, until Dr. Eggman is up to his old tricks again. Sonic comes to stop him, but Eggman's robot does not only cause destruction, but seperate people's body forms in 5 different forms. Eggman blasts Sonic with the ray, and he falls down. Later, Sonic is woken up by one of his body forms, Sir Sonic. After woken up, both observe eachother saying they both look like eachother. Then there's something behind Sonic that Sir Sonic is scared of, and it's Sonic the Werehog. Then later, Sonic the Cyberhog is attacking Werehog. Sonic wants both of them to stop and calm down. Then another Sonic comes, called Sonic the Evil Hedgehog saying he wants revenge on Eggman from taking him away from his dimension. All other Sonic's agree, Sonic then promises the alternate Sonic's revenge on Eggman. All portal's to their dimension's open and the adventure begins.

World 1: Knight Dimension

Levels: To the Castle, Into the Forest, Snowy Mountains, City Town, Castle Crash.

Bosses: Sir Knuckles, Assistant Eggman.

World 2: Werehog Dimension

Levels: Midnight Run, Mansion Bash, Rooftop Rampage, Wall Crushers, Forest Fight.

Bosses: Shadow the Werehog, Dr. Eggmanstien.

World 3: Cyborg Dimension

Levels: Future City, Car Crash, Skyscrape Escape, Robot Rumble, The Lab.

Bosses: Silver the Cyberhog, Dr. Eggborg.

World 4: Evil Dimension

Levels: Despare Share, Puzzle Maze, Truck Muck, Loopy Loop, Good Gulps.

Bosses: Jet the Evil Hawk, Dr. "Gulps" Kintobor.

World 5: Egg Dimension

Levels: Terror Town, Destruction Derby, War Street, Big Bang, Final Showdown.

Bosses: Metal Sonic, Dr. Eggman.

Sonic and Turbo defeat Eggman's deeds and all the Sonic's return to thier dimensions. Tails and Knuckles come and see what happened, and tells them that he really beside himself today. After the credits, all the Sonic's are at thier homes looking at pictures from thier adventure.


Playable Characters

  • All Sonic's
  • Turbo the Hedgehog (A new character)

Non-playable Characters