Last time you saw what Sonic characters i think would be Looney Tunes characters, but now see Animaniacs!

Sonic the Hedgehog=Yakko Warner

Knuckles the Echidna=Wakko Warner

Amy Rose=Dot Warner

Dr. Eggman=Dr. Otto Scrathansniff

Sally Acorn=Hello Nurse

Wallace A. Ditso=Ralph

Duck "Bill" Platypus=Thaddeus Plotz

Charmy Bee=Pinky

Vector the Crocodile=The Brain

Rouge the Bat=Slappy Squirrel

Espio the Chameleon=Bobby

Manic the Heedgehog=Squit

Shadow the Hedgehog=Pesto

Sonia the Hedgehog=Rita

Muttski (Archie)=Rita

That is all for now, more to update.