Music is one of the most powerful index in gaming, ever since video games became main-streem whether there old-school or new-school they have one thing in mind: They are classic. We can talk all about how great these are, but were gonna let the music do most of the talking. I'm Cloudthehedgehog12 here for my....

Top 10 Best Game Themes


Unlike the NES, the Genesis didn't do very good in the sound department, but you can't look any further... than the SEGA mascot.

This music will be carved in SEGA fanboys ears forever!


One of the hardest choices we made was to narrow it down to one of the great songs of the Donkey Kong Country series. But what's even better than having a boss battle with a giant albino lizard with a cape and crown?

it started all fun and fluffy and then it gets all dark and eary and set the bar for final showdown!


Final Fantasy has had many different things in the series music, and ridiculous hair it's crazy! But we have to go with the song you hear everytime you play a Final Fantasy game.


One of the best RPG's ever, Secret of Mana's theme song.. is.. just.. just, just listen to it.

It's just stunning!


Now this tune stands out in my mind as the theme of the 8-bit era. When you hear it, you can hear a little sound from the leftovers of the crash of '83. It gains momentum with mre music, and it explodes, just like NES' popularity in '89.


OK, see we don't even need to put the link below because you already know what it is.

Level 1-1 is one of the greatest levels in NES history. Do I really need to say anything? Of course I don't, it's freakin' Super Mario Bros. It's one of the best games out there!


The original Metroid theme was great. But when Super Metroid came. Bodies on the floor, mssing Metroid, and never what the hecks gonna happen. the best SNES game ever got chills down my spine everytime I play it.


Dr. Mario had very good gameplay but the thing that standed out to me, was the music. it gives you that little umph umph feeling that makes you wanna freakin' dance while losing at the same time.


the Mega Man series has had many different songs there are so many songs, I couldn't even count them. but what's better than a mad scientists lab?

Dr. Wily is going down! For the second time.....

OK, let's do a quick recab, #10: Green Hill Zone, #9: Gang-plank Canyon, #8: Final Fantasy Prelude, #7: Fear of the Heavens, #6: The Moon, #5: World 1-1, #4: Super Metroid, #3: Dr. Mario, and #2: Dr. Wily Castle so what theme is better then all these?


Whether it's 8-bit, 16-bit, 64 or next-gen, you can't argue with the Legend of Zelda theme.

No matter if your Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft geek, you love this one.

Do you think these are the best game themes?

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