Hello this is Cloudthehedgehog12 with another top 10 video, and this time... it's characters from the Sonic Comics so let's get started with.....

My Top 10 Coolest Sonic Characters from the Archie Comics


Sally Acorn. I thought Sonic would never find a perfect girlfriend (Besides Tiara Boobowski who i wish will be in a sonic game but i doubt it) but Archie made one for him, Sally is one of the coolest characters in the comic. Not only that, but she is also kinda hot..... yea i said it! Not only that, but she is leader of the Knothole Freedom Fighters, which happen to be my favorite Freedom Fighter team. Sally is cool but not as cool as....


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Nack the Weasel. This guy NEEDS to return in the Sonic games, reason? First of all he was the first Sonic character to have a gun, Second he is one of Sonic's most BEST villians. I wish he would return in later games because if he did, he would be the only character i would play as.


Fiona Fox. Yes i know, i know she is a B**ch i know. But i really find Fiona a very interesting character, but not only that, but she is also cool. No wonder Tails liked her in the past. Not only that but she is also kind of hot as well, i would like to see her in issues more often.


Shadow the Hedgehog. You probally you were going to see Shadow on this list, well, you were right. Shadow is one of the most perfect anti-sonic's i've ever seen in the game's, Sonic X and in the comics. Not only that but he can also use chaos powers like Chaos Control, Chaos Spear and of Course..... Chaos...............................BLAST!!!!!!!!!!! This character is cool but not as cool as these next 6.


266px-Mighty in Sandopolis
Mighty the Armadillo. Reason, two words: Super Strength. I mean come on, who doesn't think Mighty is cool!? I guess nobody does since nobody will answer since nobody is responding. Anyway, why come this guy has only appeared in two games? SEGA should really think on what characters there getting rid of.


Victory copy
How could have i not put Sonic on this list? Sonic is one of the coolest characters i have ever seen. Mario ma be #1 most famous mascot, but to me, Sonic is #1. Honestly, who doesn't like Sonic? (Besides my brother) Sonic has super speed and can go super! If i did a vote battle between Sonic vs Mario, i think Sonic would win, no doubt.


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Bark the Polar Bear. I think i should come out and say it right now, Polar Bears are one of my favorite animals, i just find them dangerous and cool, so ho could i not put Bark on the list? Bark is strong, has got a attitude and doesn't take crap from anyone. He is smart and calm and happens to be stronger than any other Sonic character in the comic. Bark is one of those guys look at and say: "........huh.............Cool." this guy is like Rambo, get on his bad side and you'll regret it!


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Bean the Dynamite. This guy has been one of my favorite Sonic game characters ever since i heard of him! He is crazy, insane, crazy wait didn't i already say that?


Well i'll jusy skip this one for now because the image uploding thing is glitching up

And now my #1 best Sonic comic character is.....

Scourge the Hedgehog. This is wanna the coolest Sonic character and should be in a Sonic game. This guy has so many reasons for being so cool! First of all, He has black vest, red shades, green boots and two scars on his stomach. That is one cool hedgehog! and if nobody else agrees with me, well then your F**ked.