There have been many games over the years, but some are just not makin' it. So you have to be asking Nintendo, Sega, Capcom, Sony and Rare, what the hell is taking so long to make it! I'm Cloudthehedgehog12 here for my...

Top 10 Games that need to be made


Sony has made some crazy games over the years, and in 2008, Sackboy was born, then they made an incredible sequel in 2011, we know for a fact that they're going to make a 3rd one, if they don't, well f**k Sony!


I have to say, Disney made a good choice teaming up with Square. Kigndom Hearts has had many games. From Kingdom Hearts to Chain of Memories to 2 to 358/2 to Birth by Sleep to Re:coded. So they need to make a Kingdom Hearts 3! I know, I know, Re:coded is a sequel to the 2nd one but that doesn't matter! There has been a rumor of a Kingdom Hearts 3, but we doubt it!


There have been many different Mario spin-offs like Mario Kart and there have been two Mario sports franchises that need another one, and thats Mario Tennis and Mario Baseball, these two games are awesome, why can't Nintendo make another one for both of these?


Everybody's favorite speedy blue hedgehog has had some suckish games for the Wii, but one or two was actually pretty good, and why can't they make a sequel to the only game with the Werehog. Sonic Colors has been stated as a sequel to Sonic Unleshed but, most fans don't think so. Why can't Sega make another game with only two words in mind: Were hog!


Marvel vs Capcom: Good, Mortal Kombat: Good, Street Fighter: Good, Smash Bros.:Good, which one deserves to be less made, well it's gonna have to be Marvel vs Capcom, but the game is stil pretty sweet. We want to see more Marvel vs Capcom! with one more, were good. We got all 3 and we just bought the fourth one, play them 24/7 and were good.


Street Fighter is an amasing game that they need to make another game out of. I haven't played it, but I know it's awesome!


Which needs to be made less, Mortal Kombat or Super Smash Bros.? Were gonna have to give it.. to Mortal Kombat, but don't get us wrong, the game is still pretty awesome! Just comes to show ya, blood, guts and Scorpian never gets old.


Super Smash Bros. is an awesome game! Ever since the release of Brawl, fans have been wanting a 4th one! Is the rumor true... or false? The world may never know.


This guy is a drunkaholic, Nintendo saw-choppin', poop-rolling turd! And we love him for it! Back then when most Nintendo 64 games didn't get a M rating, Conker actully made it! We got the remake for the original Xbox, where the hell is the sequel?

Alright, let's recab before we get to #1. #10: Little Big Planet 3, #9: Kingdom Hearts 3, #8: Mario Tennis/Baseball, #7: Sonic Unleashed 2, #6: Marvel vs Capcom 4, #5: Street Fighter 5, #4: Mortal Kombat 5, #3: Super Smash Bros. 4, #2: Conker 2. So what game needs to be made more than these?


Archie Comics has made alot of comic series, they even made acouple staring once again, everybody's favorite speedy blue hedgehog. But were gonna give it to Sonic Universe. Just different battles that take place in Shadow, 30 Years Later, Knuckles, Journey to the East, Treasure Team Tango and Silver.

Do you like these games in order?

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