Ever since we heard about Smash Bros. Strife we were hooked. Now the big question is "Who's gonna be in it?". Well, heres what we think. But before we get started were gonna point some things out, 1: there will be no Sonic characters on this list 2: They at least have had to be on an Nintendo system. I'm Cloudthehedgehog12 for my...

Top 10 characters that need to be in Super Smash Bros. 4 or Strife


Ever since Melee came out, we wanted Waluigi in it. Even though he was an assist trophey in Brawl, that still doesn't count. Just think about it, he's just swinging around, with his tennis racket and beating the crap out every body!


Even though this guy is in a series of rated M games, this guy would make aperfect character for the Smash series. Snake was in a series of rated M games, so why not add Conker to the mix? I mean, just think about him against Mario and he's just bringing out all of his weapons! Good stuff.


While this guy is in games for the Microsoft systems now-a-days, he still has been in Nintendo systems. Heck, Most of the soundtrack of Banjo-Kazooie is actually similar to the soundtrack for Donkey Kong 64. This honey bear would be perfect.


While we don't have allot of characters we would like to see in this game, we just want one character to not reappear in this game. Young/Toon Link. These two are kind of the same except that Toon Link is just faster and weaker, that's it. We just don't want to see either of these guys have changed abilities or even in the game in general.


Mega Man has been one of the most well-known games in history, although he most well-known for he early games on the NES. He can just switch his powers like in Mega Man 10 and have different powers in each on or each of his costumes can make im have a sepcific power... whatever you think.


For some odd reason this guy, the son, THE son of Donkey Kong himself has not been in any Shams Bros. games, ever! So we need Donkey Kong Jr. and his tennis racket to the beat the heck out of Waluigi.


Donkey Kong 64, the best and last DK game Rare ever made, and theresone caracter in it that we would like to see, not Chunky, not Tiny, Lanky. This guy would be awesome to see in this game, while we would like to see King K. Rool, we would like to see Lanky little bit more.


Now this is an unlikely choice but we would actually like to see a Disney character come in here, what is it? Mickey Mouse. Now you may be thinkng "What a stupid choice!" but actually it would be kinda cooldoing some of his moves from Epic Mickey.


This guy needs to be in the Smash Bros. Series. It's unclear why Bomberman wasn't in Melee or Brawl but he needs to be in Strife. Not his Act: Zero design his orignal old-school design. It would be kinda like Link you know how he throws bombs, well Bomberman could do that!

Alright, let's get a quick recab before we get to #1. #10: Waluigi #9: Conker #8: Banjo & Kazooie #7: Get rid of Young/Toon Link #6: Mega Man #5: Donkey Kong Jr. #4: Lanky Kong #3: Mickey Mouse and #2: Bomberman.


This guy only appeared in Mario RPG, he cameo appeared in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, he is owned by Square Enix and he was supposed to be in Brawl but he wasn't due to copyright from Square. He was a little doll transformed into a human, not Pinnochio, he was a puppet. 4 symbols: Heart-Song Note-!-? A.K.A. Geno! This guy was probably the most wanted person in Brawl, and to us, hw is the most wanted person we want in Strife. Do not doubt it's awesomeness! Do you think these are good choices? Vote at the bottom.

Do you think these are good choices?

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