It's that time of year where zombies, ghosts and killer pumpkins from hell are at your front door right now. While this isn't a Holloween related Top 5, were making one in celebration of the close release of Sonic Generations. Were gonna give you 5 characters that should be in the later games. The requirements to be on the list: Have appeared in at least more than one game that doesn't count cameos or comics. I'm Cloudthehedgehog12 for my:

Top 5 characters that should be brought back to the Sonic games


Sonic the Fighters, in my opinion, is one of the best fighting games ever. So why not bring back the most powerful character in the entire friggin' game! Bark is the equlivent of Knuckles + Vector + Omega + (Here it comes) Big. Plus, nice gloves dude.


Chaos battle giant
One thing you have to admit that water creatures are cool (Gill Grunt) and some are annoying, (Squirtle) but when it comes down to it you can't say anything wrong about Chaos. His boss battle is not really annoying, he can transform each time he gets a Chaos Emerald, and the fact that you can see his brain shows some serious bad@$$try.


Fang the sniper
If your from the new generation and thought "Holy crap, Shadow is the only Sonic character to use guns!" well your wrong. Fang was such a good character he wasn't even supposed to use guns but he's so coll he uses guns anyway. That's so friggin' awesome!


Mighty in Archie
There were allot of games out there that didn't have a anthropormatic armadillo in it, Mighty was probably the first actual one. Originally joined Sonic but then went to Knuckles then went to Ray. Sega we beg of you to return this character, actually, all of these characters. Including...

But before we get to #1 let's recap! 5ive: Bark the Polar Bear 4our: Chaos 3hree: Fang the Sniper and 2wo: Mighty the Armadillo.


Aw come on, you KNEW he was gonna be on the list. While he is crazy in the comic, this isabout the games. He was born to be a fighter, hell, all he's been in is fighting games. Plus, bombs. Better than power, water, guns, and more power: Bombs. You have to admit that (BAD JOKE ALERT) Bean is the bomb!