Sonic Underground had a ton of songs, 1 or 2 songs in every episode. They ranged in different styles of music, some are stupid, some are good and some are kind of catchy. Which is the best? Let's find out. I'm Cloudthehedgehog12 for my...

Top 5 Sonic Underground Songs


thumb|right|300pxIt's not all the time we actually hear a rap in Sonic Underground, but out of all of them, Mummy Wrap has to be the best. Sure, it's got terrible singing in it but it has got a nice rythm to it and it's got fun rhymes and lyrics.


thumb|right|300pxSince Summer's almost over, I just had to put this on the list. Anyway, it's a little stupid song, but it's a good song also.


thumb|300px|rightThis is an awesome song, I would have put it on #2, but I'm saving it for somthing speicial. Anyway, this song is a really good song, it's got a stupid moral to it but it's has awesome lyrics, a cool beat and I think it's funny that there stalking Knuckles throghout the entire thing! Behind trees, underground and even in a log.


thumb|300px|rightManic never got a single to himself, he sung by himself a little bit in some songs, but we don't really get to actually hear what his singing voice sounds like. So, thanks to SalaComMander for making this video, I Found My Home only sung by Manic. Don't get me wrong, I like the original, but when Manic's singing it, it's just better.

Okay, let's get a quick recap before we get to numer one, #5: Mummy Wrap #4: Fun in the Sun #3: No One is an Island and #2: I Found My Home only sung by Manic. And now, the best Sonic Underground song of all time.....


thumb|right|300pxWe're the Sonic Underground is the best one of all time! It's got no stupid moral to it, it has an awesome rock beat, good lyrics and of course, the horrible but in this amazing singing voice Samuel Vincent who we all know as Edd from Ed, Edd and Eddy doesn't even ruin the song! Plus, a little OBJECTION! moment for Sonic at the end. ;)

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