So, here it is. SO many Sonic games are gonna be on the 3DS, but there are some other games that, just, need to be made. So let's see what Sonic console games need to be made. I'm Cloudthehedgehog12 for my

Top 5 Sonic games that need to be made


Sega said that Sonic 06 was so supposed to revolutionise the Sonic franchise. But is turned out to be... crap coming from a monkey's butt! So why don't take the concept, fix the glitches, improve the graphics, and remove Elise and change it to Amy just being the damsel in distress. But, wait, wouldn't that mean they would have to change the plot entirely? Well just switch Amy (In the original) with...... Tiara Boobowski.


The Sonic Adventure series has ton of cool editions to it, and sorry, not Sonic Adventure 3, but a remake of Sonic Adventure 1 and 2. Improved graphics, new items, two games for the price of $50. (Not 1)


Sonic the Fighters was a good game, but was not very poular in the US, so we need a sequel with more intense speed and controls. Just think of it as a Sonic version of Marvel vs Capcom 3, except, just fight as 1 person not 3.


Sonic 3D Blast was, well, not so much fun to other people, not me. I suggest they make a spin-off with Sonic and Tails being sucked into an alternate demension, it be a 2D game with Sonic weapon being a rope. What would it be called? How about... Sonic 2D Blast?

Let's get a quick recab before we get to #1. #5: Sonic the Hedgehog Deluxe #4: Sonic Adventure Collection DX #3: Sonic the Fighters 2 and #2: Sonic 2D Blast. So what Sonic game needs to be made more than all these?


Allot of Sonic characters have gotten there solo-games. Tails Adventure, Knuckles' Chaotix, Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, Shadow the Hedgehog with the excepton of one character, Silver the Hedgehog! So you might be saying to yourself "How did I not see this coming?" but I'm not the only one, everybody thinks it. So if you think I'm the only one, well, F**K YOU!

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