The Nintendo 3Ds is almost coming, and there is 1 Sonic game confirmed for the 3DS so far, while Mario has dozen games schedueled for it like: Mario Kart 3DS or Paper Mario 3DS. So SEGa, I incourage you to make these games. I'm Cloudthehedgehog12 here for my...

Top 5 Sonic games that need to be made for the 3DS


Sonic R 3DS
Sonic R was an early game for the Sega Saturn and PC, so why not make a sequel to it for the 3DS, we all want a Sonic R 2 (A.K.A. Sonic R 3DS)


Sonic Chronicles 2 cover
If you love turn-based RPG's, then you would love this one, Sonic Chronicles 1 was amazing and everybody has been waiting for a sequel to the game, if Sega wasn't so lazy they would probally make this game. The graphics would look great in 3D, same would Luigi's Mansion, that game would have been so life like in 3D.


It all started with the insanity it was Sonic Rivals, then they made a sequel to the game, why can't they make another one, but not for PSP this time, but for 3DS. Sonic Rivals 3 would be a fun game if Sega got it thorugh their internal organs. With four different versions that unlock all costumes to one certain character (as seen below) it would be radical!


Sonic Kart cover
One of the most popular spin-offs have been Mario Kart. It all started with the insanity that was Super Mario Kart, then went to 64, Gamecube, DS, Wii and the new Mario Kart 3DS is coming soon, while Sonic has had some crappy racing games (except Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing) why can't there be a more awesome Sonic racing game, Sega we incourage you to do this.

Alright incase you skiped the list, let's recab before we get to number 1, #5: Sonic R 2 (Sonic R 3DS) #4: Sonic Chronicles 2: Monsters Arise #3: Sonic Rivals 3 Blue, Balck, Red and White edition and #2: Sonic Kart. So what Sonic game needs to be made for the 3DS more than these games?


Sonic the Hedgehog 3DS cover
Sonic the Hedgehog 3 was one of the most best-selling Sonic games of all time, and Sega NEEDS to make a remake, In 3D!! That's right, a Sonic the Hedgehog 3DS would be an outstanding game, with remaked opening sequence, remaked character selection, remaked cutscenes, DAMN! This game would be incredible!

Well that's my top 5 list and thank you for reading. Coming soon my Top 5 Levels in Sonic Adventure 2.

Do you think these games would be awesome for the 3DS?

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