Acouple of days after Christmas 2010, my grandpa came for after Christmas and he got me Sonic Colors. So far, the game is really good, I'm actully at the third to last level. While the game was pretty good, the thing I was most impressed, was the Wisps, they had a huge role in the game and were fun to use for powers. So I made a top 5 list of the Wisps that are my personal favorites. And now...

Let's get it started


Pink Wisp - Sonic Colors Artwork - (1)
Spikes. (Pink) While they can be fustrating to control, they were still pretty fun. With this ability, you can roll on walls and destroy enimies in your way, it was fun to do and easier to pass levels with.


Drill. (Yellow) This was a fun ability to use as you can go underground and defeat enimies that will easily tick you off. It was fun and entertaining and the most shocking part is that you have no idea never know where to go.


Greeen Wisp - Sonic Colors - (1)
Hover. (Green) This one will allow you to hover to the high skies. It fun how you just gently float up but it's challenging to dodge all the enimies. it was really fun to use it though.


Wisp Purple
Frenzy. (Purple) This one was alot of fun, this will allow you to turn you into a fish-type creature and you will go into a frenzy and start eating EVERYTHING! This one was intense and really fun to use. But it's not as good as the number 1...

There are so many Wisps that didn't make it on the list, it may be very dissapointing to some fans out there, but this one is the number 1 best wisp in Sonic Colors.

And now, the #1 best Wisp is....

CYAN! (Light Blue) This is what made Sonic Colors a fun game, with this you can go into a direction you want to go, you will then shot into a laser! It was really fun to play with and it offered interesting puzzels. This is the best Wisp in Sonic Colors.

Well that's my list of the top 5 best Wisps in Sonic Colors, it was fun playing this game and I hope i beat soon so wish me luck, I also got Sonic 4: ep 1 the day before my grandpa came, and the game is fantastic so far, I am just stoked for Sonic 4: ep 2 this summer. I will tell you that my next list will be top 10 best levels in Sonic Adventure 2.

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