Brawl was a absolute amazing game, but there were allot of things in it that was bad. So get ready for my:

Top 5 Worst things about Brawl


Let's get started with one thing we all know is frustrating: replay value. While the game is fun for a year or 2 the game just starts to get boring.


Most of the character selection is outstanding. But why must they have replaced Mewtwo with Lucario and put in Marth instead of Roy. Oh, and one more thing, WHY IN THE HOLY MOTHER OF GOD TOON LINK!?!?!?!? instead of Young Link.


If it's one we all like about video games, it's third party characters. Snake was in rated M games which doesn't seem right for a T rated game. Even kids play it too. Why not Mega Man, Sora, Spyro, or even Bomberman.


Online play on the Wii has gotten better, and better, and better. You know one thing that isn't better, teaming up in Basic Brawl. Ever since this one kid started teamping up with 2nd and 3rd player and teamed up on 4th it has spread out like a virus. It's kinda like comparing the Tails Doll curse. A kid starts putting things on the internet about a curse and starts going around the world. Just frustrates me.


Subspace Emissary was fun to play. It had cutscenes that were as good as heaven, (not hell) fun side-scrolling levels and a story that was spetacular. Even though Jigglypuff, Toon Link, and Wolf were secret and had nothing to do with the story, it was still fun. But one, tiny, atom sized ting just urges me. Sonic at the very end of the friggin' story!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, where has he been the last 100 cutscenes??!! Hell, how did he even get in Subspace? They don't explain it and it was the worst thing in Brawl.