You may know Versus on, but I'm making a Sonic version. Now you who watches might the rules, but I'm going to tell them for people who haven't seen it. This is where we take two Sonic icons together and put them into a head to head battle and you the user decides the outcome. Well, today we have a very speical battle. Were going to take Sonic the Hedgehog vs the upcoming game Sonic Generations.

So Sega needed a character to compeat with Nintendo's Mario, after many different designs, the speedy hedgehog came in the show. Sonic has become a popular idol over the years and even got #10 for best video game mascot in the Guiness Book World Records 2011 Gamers Edition. But how did it happen? This game right here.

Alright now Sonic Generations is an upcoming game for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.(Sorry, not the Wii) It is to celebrate Sonic's 20th anniversery. You can play as both Modern Sonic and Classic Sonic in levels based on this games opponet.

Well thats all for this week. We have a vote bar here. So click up if you think the original grand-daddy should win or click down if you think the 20th celebration should win. We will see you next week, God bless and happy gaming.

Who should win this battle?

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