This is a list of Voice Actors I want to voice the Sonic characters, note that this list will not be fully completed till I get all the voice actors that I want to voice the Sonic characters, but for now, enjoy the list.

Voice Actor Role
David Spade Sonic the Hedgehog
Jeremy Shada Miles "Tails" Prower
John Goodman Knuckles the Echidna
JG Quintel Shadow the Hedgehog
Lauren Tom Amy Rose
Tara Strong Cream the Rabbit
Cree Summer Rouge the Bat
John DiMaggio E-123 Omega
Johny Depp Espio the Chameleon
Larry Dorf Charmy Bee
Patrick Warburton Vector the Crocodile
John Leguizamo Fang the Sniper
Kevin McDonald Bean the Dynamite
Dana Snyder Bark the Polar Bear
Ryan Drummond Metal Sonic (I know, I know, Ryan Drummond was a voice actor for him already, but that was Neo Metal Sonic)
William Slayers Silver the Hedgehog
Janie Haddad Blaze the Cat
Do you think these are good?

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