There have been allot of ideas for a Sonic movie and both of them are not really that good. I'm gonna point out the downsides to the movie Ideas and what needs to be in a Sonic movie:

The downsides to the Sonic movie ideas:

Rating: Both of them said that it shoudl be PG-13. It should NOT be PG-13. I know Shadow the Hedgehog was E10+ but that doesn't mean it has to be like that.

Type of film: One of them said it should be live-action. Wow. Just imagine if the directors of the horrilbe Mario movie made a Sonic movie!

Plot: Both plots are pretty useless. That is all.

What needs to be in a Sonic movie:

Rating: It should be PG, like a normal video game movie should.

Type of film: If it just takes place in Sonic's world, then CGI. But if it takes place in the real world, then CGI/live-action.

Plot: Whatever you think it should be.

What I actually agreed on:

One of them said it should be in 2D, Real D 3D and IMAX. That's the only thing I agree on.

And that's all, but remember these are just my opinions. Don't get offended by it.
Do you agree with this?

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