This is Cloudthehedgehog12 to give a report. We all know that they have wii games, and by that i mean games that you can play with you Mii, i had acouple of ideas for Wii games but first, let's look at all the recent games.

Recent Wii games

Wii Sports

Wii Sports was the very first Wii game ever made and happens to have beating Super Mario Bros. 3 record for best selling game EVER, except you can't really say that because it practiclly comes with the Wii system. This game included obviously sports such as Baseball, Bowling, Tennis, Golf and Boxing this game was really fun and i will never forget the day that i got it.

Wii Play

Since Wii Sports was a big hit, Nintendo decided to make another Wii game and thus, Wii Play was born. But the game was crap, controls were terrible, minigames were to over rated, the game was just ilfated. Thsi game included minigames such as Ping Pong, Horse Riding, Pool, Matching, Can Shooter and more!

Wii Music

Wii Music is a game where there aren't any minigames, it obviously has to do with music. In the game you can unlock intruments to make your own music or remake music from your song collection. The game was my favorite one out the last two, it just really fun to play and make music.

Wii Party

Wii Party is a game where there are more minigames, apparently Nintendo was running out of ideas and looked at there own gaming franchise, Mario Party. So they somehow remaked the Mario Party series and turned in to something different. The game is filled with minigames from the Mario Party franchise and some more new minigames. I don't own the game, but i'm pretty sure it was good.

Well that's the list of the recent Wii games, Wii Party actully let me fell like Nintendo should keep up that idea and look at there other franchises and make them into Wii games, and i made a list of game ideas i had, so let's get started with....

My Wii game ideas

Wii Fight

Wii Fight actully has a story to it, it's about Mario being the toughest Mii wrestler in the now it's up to you (Your avatar Mii) to beat him. The game is supposed to based apon Nintendos most famous game franchise, Super Smash Bros. except gameplay is different. First is starts out with you Mii coming out of his house going to explore the woods, when he enters the woods he sees this strange chinese house, he enters and meets 2nd best wrestling champion, Matt Shimick. Matt then trains your Mii to beat Mario, there are 4 things you can do in the training room you can either go do training, change cloths, go to the tournament or just leave the training room and go back to your village. There are unlockable cloths for you to where. The more progress you make in the 4 tournaments, the more harder training you get.

Wii Kart

Wii Kart is a game where you can race with all of your Miis in your Mii collection, based apon one of the most famous Mario franchises and that is Mario Kart. In this game you can race with SUV's, Motorcycles and Go-Karts. The game has stages from different Nintendo game franchises like Mario, Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, Kirby, Mario Party, Paper Mario, Yoshi's Island and even a new stage where you first race around a open road then you go off a ramp and got to the tennis court where you get by the net and flung back, but instead you end up racing in the golf course, then in a little while you'll end up in a baseball field where your ride will get hit with a baseball bat by the batter, then you go flying then ending up crashing through the bowling alley wall and ending up racing in front of everyone bowling, then you get by a bowling ball which makes you crash through the bowling alley wall and keep on rolling and rolling and rolling until you see a ramp that leads you to the boxing arena you crash thorugh the wall and go in slow-mo watching two of your Mii's boxing then you crash right where you came from.

That is all for now, more Wii game ideas coming soon to update.