It's been since 2011 that I've been working on this Sonic/Mario crossover fanfiction series. I call it "Sonic Squad", because of course everyone works as a team.

I had already done the best with it. I had given Shadow quite a dark adventure as Luigi attempts to bring him to the good side. I gave Black Doom an appearance, as well as teaming Dr. Eggman up with Wario and Waluigi. Those three wacky villains deserve each other.

Also, I gave Christopher Thorndyke an appearance (as age 18). He never appears in the Sonic franchise anymore, which is really disappointing. Boy was it great connecting the story of Dr. Eggman and Dr. Julian Robotnik together... because they're the same person.

Honestly, I LIKE the Super Mario Bros. movie. I consider it my canon, because how in the world does the conflict between Mario and Bowser begins in the games? They finally show it here in the movie, except I have to explain how Bowser (King Koopa) turns from a puddle of green slime to a dinosaur like he is now.

I like to show the brotherly relationship Mario and Luigi have with each other, especially if they're bickering with each other. They do that a lot in the movie.

Also, I have created a continuity line that leads from the end of SatAM to the beginning of Sonic X and beyond. My guess is that the events of the Super Mario Bros. movie happened during the events of SatAM (as far as I'm concerned).

I made a surprise return with the Knothole Freedom Fighters. After all, I have to explain what happened to them after the events of SatAM. Imagine: the characters of SatAM working together with the characters of Sonic X. I believe SatAM and Sonic X are the only series that are truly canon to the real Sonic storyline.

Included within are some original characters (OC) I made myself. You can see what they look like on YouTube. See the username: Coleiosis Delose

If you would like to read the series, just go to and head to my profile: Coleiosis

In the photo gallery below, you will see all the characters I used for this series.