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    Sonic 1 Unused stuff

    October 26, 2013 by Coolchris1122

    Contents 1 Unused artwork 1.1 Special Stage art 1.2 Unused monitors 1.3 Unused Sonic sprites 1.4 Zone-specific art 1.5 Press Start Button 1.6 Splats the Bunny 1.7 Goggles 2 Floating Sonic sprite 3 Unused Eggman graphics 4 Unused warping effect 5 Labyrinth Zone Act 4 5.1 In-game vs. technical level order 6 Hidden Japanese credits Unused artwork

    Special Stage art

    Note: All of these items can be seen in-game by using debug mode to fall outside the playing area of the special stage. It is easier to see them when advancing frame-by-frame by pausing and pressing C.

    Artwork Name Description  "Zone" Icons Although these icons are found in the object list for the special stages and their graphics exist in the ROM, they are unused in the final game and…

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