Okay,I heard this game was bad so I bought it to see how bad it was.Which game?This one!I'm here to tell my opinion of Shadow the hedgehog.But first,a notice:I heard alot of people weren't happy with my opinion of the worst sonic characters.Partically Sally,Black Doom and Jet.Well,I agree:Why did I put Sally so high!?I think she should have been Number 10.Infact Sonia's worse they switch spots.I do think Jet should have gone Number 2 and instead of him:ALL OF THE BABYLON ROGUES!People made me hate Black Doom even more though.Speaking of Black Doom,let's get the review started:

Okay,I know it's got a wiki page but I'll explain it anyway.The game starts off with an overrated intro with a really good song.Then the opening cutscene was wonderful at first right up until"And that GRUESOME image..."REAL grusome! No blood!The english version doesn't show her falling over so we have to buy the japanese version on ebay and get it shipped from japan which we have to read the subtitles to know what they were even talking about just to make the image grusome for a kids game.Why doesn't he ask Rouge?Why doesn't he ask Sonic?Sure,Eggman wouldn't listen! Why is he having visions of Sonic heroes throughout the game which means he's forgotten that already?How come the visions hurt him?Anyway,black aliens appear out of nowhere dropping from the sky and Shadow goes to walk off calling humans perthetic having nowhere to go but he is interupted by the black alien leader who has no legs and never states his name!Shadow just knew it!Black Doom wants the chaos emeralds "As promised" and goes away causing giant explosions to stop Shadow from following him.Shadow then trusts a complete stranger to collect rare items which could be anywhere in the world,keep in mind there are only 7 chaos emeralds,and suddenly tries to become a Duke Nukem(Mispelled!Live with it!)by getting guns and faking an accent to sound like Wolverine but down-right failing!It depends on your choices on what ending you unlock.Some endings he assumes he's some android,in others he decides to turn on Sonic or doesn't believe Black Doom!During this you face the same bosses which have the same way to be defeated:Shoot them until they are blasted!Unlike the Egg Dealer which I'll get to soon!Just to let you know if you don't have this game and want to buy it:You kill Eggman in almost FIVE endings!That's halve of the endings!In some ending he goes crazy and teams up with Black Doom to blow the place up!In others he actually comes to his scences and realises BLACK DOOM IS EVIL!

Great job,Shadow!Just GREAT job!And the endings don't matter in the end because there is a last ending! Shadow decides to be neutral FOR YOU unaware of how evil Black Doom ACTUALLY is!Everyone,except Team Chaotix and Cream(WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO HER!WE JUST LEFT HER!)stop Shadow telling him Black Doom wants to DESTROY THE WORLD!Oh,really!?I had not noticed!Thanks for pointing that out,Sonic!(Sarcasm) Shadow gives him the chaos emeralds anyway and he tells Shadow about his past!Bla,Bla,Bla!Stuff I do not care about!(Well,Shadow does but I don't!I just wanna finish the game!)Now everyone's parylysed by gas!Shadow somehow breaks free and chases Black Doom leaving everyone else to get eaten by larvee!Meanwhile,Team Chaotix hack into the computer,releasing a message from Gerald Robotnik by throwing Charmy onto the computer.You just had to hit it!?Anyway,the message explained amost everything Black Doom told you and that the world's fate depends on him and he is their only hope so he must save the world.Umm...I'm pretty sure we KNEW ALL THAT!!!For some reason,it motivated Shadow to stop Black Doom and he transformed into Devil Doom while the comet landed on earth confusingly...Shadow turned Super Shadow and confronted Devil Doom. And Eggman admits he was CAUGHT FROM FALLING TO HIS DEATH!Just great!Oh my god!After the mess was over nobody was parylysed anymore!You should all be EATEN!Amy starts to make a ShadAmy moment getting a new love intrest and by the ways:

Userbox- Not Support Shadamy

Anyways,Shadow then forgets his past and says he'll never thing of it AGAIN!Come on!What was the point of this game?!Not to mention,he meant that because his next appearence Sonic next gen now says that he has joined GUN for NO REASON!The gameplay is WAY too hard if you ask me!The allies have a habit off dieing or jumping of cliffs and characters like Eggman,Charmy and Black Doom DON'T help you!They just annoy you!The guns are useful though WHICH LEADS TO SOMETHING ELSE:Why is Shadow suddenly a sycho with guns when he didn't need to be!?Oh well,The Egg Dealer was way too easy.Unless if your not used to the homing attack.It's a slot machine!You homing attack the buttons so it GIVES SHADOW CHAOS BLAST!?HOW DID HE DO THAT!?Not to mention Sonic Rush came out on the EXACT same day as this game!And what about Cream in Amy's mission?She was behind a wall!How did she get there!?She was left behind!You and Cream must be as CLOSE AS SISTERS,right Amy?At least help her get out of there,Amy!It's a halloween castle for crying out loud!Cream is only six!Did she even get out?It's just like Amy said "We found Cream!Let's go!"and left her!I know we have to find Cheese as well but I saw A WHOLE ROOM WITH CHAO JUST LIKE CHEESE!I just got a gun and started to shoot them all until I found Cheese.Amy recognised Cheese's noise later!?WHAT!?Amy,something's wrong with you,I think your paranormal......Overall score: 4/10 points! Sorry,SEGA but Shadow REALLY didn't deserve his own game!By the ways PLEASE respect my opinion on this if you LIKED Shadow the hedgehog.I just didn't!

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