Hey,since I made a list of characters I hate,I was going to make a list of my favorite sonic characters but alot of people would disagree with me.So I thought to make a list of the characters everyone hates but I love.This doesn't say they are my 1# favorite,it's just that I like them but barely anybody else does.Now to start:

Number 7:TikalEdit

Tikal is hated for no reason whatsoever.Sure,she's annoying during cutscenes interupting characters and teleporting to other places but aside from that,she has had a rough past.Besides,she's not the most annoying character in the game.And surprisingly,niether is Big(Even though he's the worst but not most annoying).No,t

hat award goes to that annoying robot who I SHOULD HAVE PUT ON MY OTHER LIST!

Anyways,I actually enjoy the flashbacks and she has one of the least annoying voices.She also is a good friend of Chaos and a majority of people love Chaos.We all know that.She is also the chao...Let's just say princess of the Chao.And we love chao!

Number 6:MephilesEdit


Okay,I know Mephiles KILLED Sonic and his only appearence was this abomination:

85px-Sonic06 360 kr cover
But I thought because all of the characters in Sonic 06 acted like a bunch of idiots,I thought Mephiles had good petential if he made another appearence so PLEASE SEGA,MAKE A SEQUEL THAT ISN'T RUSHED!!! I also thought Mephiles was a good villain.Even though he blew Shadow into a tree,wanted to reunite with Iblis when if he had the power to control time he could just go back to the Solaris incident without having to interact with ANYBODY except Shadow(And Rouge to a degree) and he was the cause of Blaze going to another dimension with Iblis

Don't get into that yet,Sonic!He still would be a better character if he was in a better plotline that wasn't rushed.I also love scary things and this guy scares more than The Silver the Hedgehog boss fight.

Number 5:MarineEdit


That's right!I went there.I like Marine!Some say she's the reason not to bring seven year olds on dangerous quest with Tails as an exeption but I thought she was hilarious.First,her personality:Hilarious and overestimative.I know,"Jet's overestimative,why don't you like him?!" well,Jet isn't a clueless child who cracks me up almost everytime she opens her mouth,is she?Second,Her design:I love this design.Infact,She's one my favorite designed characters.She has a simple outfit and boomerange shaped ponytails.Last,her Backstory:The reason she's so low is because she has a basic backstory of an adventurous tomboy from the Sol Dimension wanting to explore the world.But WHY does everyone hate this character?

Number 4:E-123 OmegaEdit

Omega 2006
This is my second favorite robot of the series,the first being Gamma but Omega is a character people also hate for no reason.Sure,he's a rip off of Gamma but Omega is hilarious!He just wants to destroy everything and is the only good character to play as in Sonic 06,alongside Blaze.Not to mention the name says it all.And in Sonic 06,it is proven he has emotion discovering he seals Shadow into that...Whatever!In the future because he found him as a threat.By finding this out,he rapidly shot Mephiles attempting to kill him but Mephiles is bullet proof just like Chaos.What's with villains and being bullet proof?

Number 3:SilverEdit

Sonic Colors Silver
Okay,not everyone hates Silver but a majority does.This guy doesn't deserve the hate because he has a great personality.Sure,his head looks like a weed plant,he's only made the Sonic Rivals series which is a really pointless trilogy to the series and Sonic 06 and his boss fight is......No comment but the Sonic Generations boss fight made up for that.I enjoyed it.I also think Silver has a cool design despite the hair.Silver's powers is one of the best things about him.But his boss fight still scares me to this very day.

Silver:IT'S NO USE!!!


Number 2:AmyEdit

That's correct!Your not seeing things,I like Amy Rose!There's nothing that's going to change my mind!Her gameplay is,sure a little dodgy but I liked her gameplay...Okay,maybe not her Sonic 06 gameplay but leave that out.Amy is one the funniest characters in the series and one of the best designed in my opinion.The reason I'm a SonAmy shipper is because she is Sonic's personal stalker.Yay!Apparently,she's the most popular female but no,I've seen her getting alot of hate for nothing.

Number 1:Cream and CheeseEdit

WHY does everyone hate Cream?!She is actually my second favorite sonic character!We get it,she's useless!But she isn't that useless if you think about it and neither is Cheese.People say she has the worst voice ever but.....Try watching Tails's sound clips in Sonic Heroes!Dear,God!But these two characters are ADORABLE!!!Not to mention,she is like a little sister to not only Sonic but also Blaze,Amy and Tails.She might also be a slight love interest for Tails.


Sorry!That's just my opinion!So Cream is the character everyone hates but I love!

So that concludes my list but sorry if you see a character you hate here.Afterall,this is a list of Sonic Characters everyone hates but I love.I'm Cyclonestar and PLEASE SEGA,make another game featuring Blaze and Cream's sisterlike relationship!