This is the most random blog post of them all but whatever.

If you were one of one of the Sonic characters,who would you be and why?

In my opinion,I'd be Omega because outside(I'm not sure about when I am on the computer)of the internet I am very random and...Omega. Although,I can also get very independent in the real world,a bit like Knuckles(Well,he used to be independent)and Blaze. I can sometimes bring on a big ego like Sonic but that's rare.I don't have much in common with Amy except the fact that I can get pretty agressive.

In the computer world, I feel most like Rouge when she was voiced by Lani Minella(The other voices give her a different character)and a little bit of Amy from Sonic Adventure(The other games,she's a little too obsessive)

Well,What are your opinions on this random blog post that will not be relevent to anything or ever come in handy because instead of giving your own opinions on which Sonic character(Not including crossover characters)you can just take a quiz but whatever.Fun to make anyways.