I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Sonic Boom is likely going to suck, according to many people. Here's some reasons why, as provided by someone on the internet:

1) Playable characters other than Sonic

I thought Sega realized finally that non-Sonic characters don't work. Everyone knows that the treasure hunting and shooter stages in SA2 sucked, why bring back stupid gimmicky alternative gameplay? To make matters worse, they clearly move slow, because that's what we want in a Sonic game! To move slow and break the flow of gameplay. It's like Sega wants the game to be bad.

2) Hub stages are back

See #1, hub stages always suck unless they are just a simple level select. Hub stages ruined Unleashed HD, they will almost certainly ruin this game. Sega does not learn.

3) Emphasis on fighting

Such a great idea, rehashing all of the old ideas from previous Sonic games that DID NOT WORK. They tried it in Sonic Heroes, it didn't work, they tried it again in Sonic Unleashed and it didn't work. Apparently they didn't get the memo that no one wants to brawl in a Sonic game. It's stupid and has nothing to do with platforming. 

4) Coop

Instead of trying to perfect single player, they keep shoehorning in multiplayer that no one asked for. Putting the emphasis on multiplayer detracts from the singleplayer experience. Not including multiplayer in Lost World would have freed up previous resources that could have been used to make the single player better. 

5) Amy Rose

She should have stayed in Sonic CD. Including her just seems like a desperate grab for some young girls to try Sonic. It's pathetic and stupid, and so is Amy. Let her die and go away.

6) Looks like there's going to be more story

Why do we need more story in a Sonic game? Story in Sonic games suck, they always sucked, again Sega is reusing ideas that didn't work in previous Sonic games. They seem confident in screwing up yet again. 

7) Knuckles looks stupid

Honestly if this were the only problem, then I wouldn't even care, but since I'm making a list I might as well throw this in here too.

That is all.