So, in the Sandra's house...

- "Yay! Merry Christmas!" Celeste says

- "Um, Celeste... It's Flopii's birthday, moron" Sam tells Celeste

- "Ah, yeah..." Celeste responds Sam

Suddenly, Sandra come to the house...

- "Hey, gals. What's up?" Sandra says

- "Hey Sandra" Sam and Celeste respond

- "How will the Flopii's gifts?" Sandra asks

- "Mmm, I don't know... Still not finished, missing a few gifts" Sam responds

- "Oh yeah, missing a few gifts" Sandra supposed

- "Agh! I admit, I can't, I need a break... Celeste! Check the guest list, will you?!" Sam yells Celeste

- "Calm down, alright? I can hardly put the ornaments!" Celeste responds

(Sam searches on the shelf...)

- "Ok... Oh, look! Mix for baking muffins! Perfect for the party!" Sam says excited

- "Relax Sam, still doesn't start the Flopii's Party" Sandra respond Sam

- "(I know, genius)" Sam says in her mind

- "Ok, listen. Guests are... Ouch..." Celeste respond confused

- "What's happens Ce?" Sandra asks

- "Ah, the guest list is empty" Celeste respond

Sam grabs the list...

- "Dear, what the heck?! Where's the others?... Sandra, you scoring the guests, right?" Sam asks Sandra

- "Ah... Um, I was... Pointing to the guests but unfortunately the list fell to the toilet and... Got wet" Sandra respond distressed

- "What?! It wet?! Have not you had the idea to re-do list?!" Sam yells Sandra

- "Ah, yeah... And why do you not re-do the guest list? Tell me" Sandra respond Sam


- "Um, I retract..." Sam respond

- "Ok, gals. Let us work" Sandra tells to the girls

- "Good idea, Sandra!" Celeste tells Sandra

- "Well, moving on..." Sam says

So, in the Silver Valley...

(Aron and Cesar runs)

- "Ha, you're fast Aron but you not win" Cesar tells Aron

- "Oh, no. I'm going to win. Yahoo!" Aron respond Cesar

(Aron runs)


(Cesar stops)

- "Oh, stupid Aron"


- "Hey, wait for me!" Cesar yells Aron

(Cesar reaches Aron)

- "So, why don't we go see the girls?" Cesar asks

- "Why?" Aron asks

- "I don't know, I have curiosity" Cesar respond Aron

- "Ok, let's go!" Aron respond Cesar

(Aron and Cesar runs)

So, in the Sandra's house again...

- "HELP! We're being attacked! The toaster has gone mad!" Sandra yells

- "Red alert, toast to the eye" Sam warns

(The toast hits Sandra)

- "Sandra! You're okay?" Celeste asks Sandra

- "Agh, c-continue without me" Sandra respond

- "Oh, stupid toaster" Celeste says

- "Hey, gals. What's up?" Cesar asks to the girls

(A toast hits Cesar)

- "Ouch!" Cesar yells

- "Cesar!" Aron says

- "Briam, help us!" Sam yells Aron

- "Oh, here we go!" Briam says

(The toaster explodes)


- "Oh, God... At least, the decorations and the Flopii's cake still safe..." Sam says

To be continued...