So, in Flopii's house...

"Poop. We'll have to accommodate everything again." - Sam says

(Celeste grabs a cup and throws)

"Who cares?! However little the party is ruined, for the fault of stupid toaster." - Celeste says

"Alright, guys. No more talks, and we collect everything and let's get to await Flopii return." - Aron says

"Oh, oh. Too late" - Cesar says

(Flopii arrives at the party)

(Cricket's sound)

"What the heck is this?!" - Flopii yells

"Please, Flopii! Have mercy, everything was fault of the toaster! Please don't kill us!" - Sam yells

"What? Kill them? This surprise is great :D" - Flopii says

"But if everything was a disaster." - Sandra says

"It doesn't matter, Sandra. It's the best surprise party EVER." - Flopii responds

"Really? B-But we think all this time you would not like the party." - Sandra says

"You guys did it from heart. No matter that the party was a disaster! So the decorative look better!" - Flopii says

"Seriously Flopii, you're very rare." - Sam tells Flopii

"So? The feast at once!" - Flopii says

"Really? It's the party a success? Yay!" - Aron says

"Wait a minute. The party looks lonely, how about if we call the other guys?" - Sandra says

"Yes, Sandra is right" - Cesar says

"Great idea, Sam. But Sonic, Tails and Knuckles still on the beach, right?" - Sandra says

"Of course. But if we invite right now may come." - Sam says

"That's impossible. How much gambling? Listen, I give Sonic 10 seconds to come. If Sonic doesn't come, I dare you to kiss him with underwear." - Sandra says

"Ah, okay? What if I won?" - Sam says

"If you win, I'll be forced to paint a bunch of scribbles on my face..." - Sandra says

"Challenge accepted!" - Sam yells

"Okay. I'll pick up the phone, I'll call Sonic and..." - Sandra says slowly

"Yes?" - Sonic says through of the phone

"Hey Sonic, it's Sandra. We did a surprise party. Want to come?" - Sandra says

"Oh, sure!" - Sonic yells through of the phone

"See? I bet that I'll win the gamble." - Sandra says

"Not exactly, dear. Look behind you." - Sam tells Sandra

"Huh? Oh, Sonic?! You?! Right now?! Here?!" - Sandra yells desperately

"Haha, I won the bet... Come on, Sandra. Go to eat paint your face, that was your penance." - Sam says

"Okay, be right back." - Sandra says

(Sandra paints her face)

"Done..Ugh, my face looks rediculous. Well, penance accomplished." Sandra says

"I like that. Well, to celebrate!" - Sam says

(Everybody celebrate until nightfall)

[Music: Party rock! Yeah... Whoa! Let's go! Party rock is in the house tonight. Everybody just have a good time. And we gonna make you lose your mind. Everybody just have a good time. We just wanna see yaa! Shake that!... Everyday I'm shufflin'!]

"Don't take it anymore, my feet are killing me." - Sam says

(Sam falls to the ground)

"Oh, come on. Get up and keep dancing." - Flopii tells Sam

"Are you crazy? I repeat, my feet are killing me!" - Sam yells

(Sam falls to the ground again)

"Ok, so I'm going with Sonic." - Flopii says

"Oh, no. That's not fair! He's mine, baby." - Sam tells Flopii

"Do you think? How do you know that Sonic prefer you than prefer me? Huh, tell me." - Flopii asks

"What the heck are you saying? Sonic prefers me because I'm his girlfriend!" - Sam responds


(Flopii slaps Sam)

"Oh, shut up." - Flopii says

"Ouch..." - Sam says

"Ok, ok. I keep on going, birthful." - Sam tells Flopii

"Hey, girls... It's the best party EVER." - Cesar says

"Yes! One of the best parties I have visited." - Aron says

"Let's eat more candys!" - Cesar tells Aron

"Wait a minute, guys. Are they eating too many candies, no?" - Celeste asks

"Yes... So?" - Aron reponds

"Well, I think that candies makes you freaking out, I guess." - Celeste responds


(Sam throws Cesar)

"Oh, my God! I think those candies contain too much sugar!" - Sam yells

"I see now, dear!" - Celeste says

"Let us!" - Aron says

(Cesar and Aron runs to eat more candies)

"Ugh, no way. C'mon, let them continue eating candies." - Flopii responds

"Ok. Then we'll continue to have fun!" - Celeste reponds

"Exellent idea, Ce!" - Flopii says

"Sam... Give it hard!" - Sandra yells

Meanwhile, in the kitchen...

"Cesar, stop. We can't eat more candies. I'm full." - Aron tells Cesar

"So do I. Why don't we dance with the girls?" - Cesar responds

"Okay. So don't you think if we keep eating candies... Our sugar go up?" - Aron aks

"Mmm, maybe. Well, go to have fun!" - Cesar says

[The party continues]

To be continued...