1. same snarky attitude

2. they both battle a evil scientist (sonic has dr.eggman and spider-man has doc ock)

3. they both have blue and red in them as sonic is blue with red shoes and spider-man has a red and blue costume

4. they both battle robots

5. they are both very clever and genre savvy characters

6. they both have a red/pink haired love interest(sonic has amy rose and spider-man has mary jane)

7. they both have many great video games

8. they are both lovable teen heroes

9. they both have missing parents

10. they both have a creepy and dark counterpart(sonic has shadow and spider-man has venom) who in turn has a even creepier and evil version of them (aka mephiles and carnage)

This is proof that josh keaton needs to be sonic's new voice actor instead of rodger LOOK AT ME I NEVER PLAYED AS SPIDER-MAN craig smith

anyone with a facebook account please like this page so it can get over a thousand likes and so rodger craig smith gets fired and josh keaton replaces him because spider-man and sonic NEED to have the same voice actor