1. I really don't like hot dog's let alone the grossness of them disgustingly smeared with Chili or some other thing so it make's extremely hard to relate to Sonic if he like's food meant for Criminal's serving time in jail

2. Hedgehog's don't even eat crap like Chili dog's they live off the finest quality of delicious and yummy of food instead like Berrie's. Frog leg's. Mushroom's. Bird Egg's. Watermelon and Snails which are all food's i would so enjoy eating so why bother making sonic obsess over something as pitful and gross when a REAL Hedgehog's diet is just so relatable and healthy and awesome??

3. It came from the Dic cartoon's and Archie Comic's so it automatically is even worse due to coming from THAT junk

4. Thing's like Strawberrie's and Egg's and Mushroom's are far more Healthy

5. No One can relate to someone who live's off of Junk Food