1. SEGA is far too CONSUMED by their sin's. their lustful and gluttonous greedy hunger for cash and sheer arrogance and do not CARE about their mascot at all other than a way to get as rich as humanely possible instead of The Sonic series being a deep and amazing universe like it could

meanwhile The Great Heroes known as Sonic fanfic writer's are not consumed by a lust for money bath's and live to write about amazing and deep storie's and glorious character's with great philosophy and powerful story telling

2. in a fanfic you could do whatever you want whenever you want exactly how you want it to happen

if you want to make a story with Sonic as a pizza boy. a female knuckles who is his girlfriend. a Eggman who transform's into a T.rex and a cyborg Tails when you can do just that

if you want to make a story with Shadow being created by Tails the fox. Amy rose being a parrot instead of a hedgehog. Sonic being gay and Eggman and Knuckles as twin brother's then you can do just that

if you want to make a story with Sonic and Tails and Eggman and Jet and Shadow are all related and brother's. Amy rose ride's in Mecha's and act's like Kamina from gurren lagann. The Death Egg transform's thing's into cheese. Omega is a Brony and that Silver eat's butterflie's then you can do just that

3. You can pair anyone with anyone you want them to be paired with such as

Sonic and Amy

Tails and Shadow

Sonic and Eggman

Tails and Maria

Shadow and Maria

Tails and Shadow and Maria

Eggman and Tails

Sonic and Jet

Sonic and Shadow

Knuckles and Shade

Knuckles and Sonic

Sonic and a chocolate bar

Knuckles and Omega

Amy rose and Amy pond

Sonic and Edward elric

Sonic and Spider-man

Tails and a talking carrot

Sonic and Amy rose and Amy pond

Shadow and Omega

Shadow and Mephiles

Mephiles and Amon

Mephiles and your mom

Knuckles and Mephiles

Sonic and Amy rose and Mephiles and Omega and Shade and a chocolate bar

Silver and Blaze

Blaze and Fred from spongebob

Mephiles and Spongebob

4. you can kill character's off in fanfic's where SEGA cannot kill any of their character's off like Knuckles or Eggman or Shadow

5. you can do crossover's with anything like such as Digimon. Fullmetal alchemist. Doctor who. Spongebob squarepant's or Spyro the dragon