i was thinking of the idea of a M-rated Prequel Spin-off series detailing about Doctor Ivo Robotnik's Dark and Twisted Origin's called Eggman Orign's which is a DLC sort of thing for Playstation store. Xbox games store and Wii shop channel meant for Older Sonic Fan's that tell's about Doctor Ivo Robotnik and how he became the heartless and demonic prick he is now and his rise into power as The Emperor of a technological empire and you get to play as him doing unspeakable act's of evil  while Robotnik is growing up such as 

1. you get to throw giant teddy bear's off onto highway's while on a bridge causing chaotic and bloody car wreck's and then take away stuff like chocolate bar's. money and car part's from the wreckage

2. in the story you get a girlfriend who end's up with you/robotnik pushing her off to the road and watch her get brutally crushed by a monster truck

3. you can pull off gruesome prank's such as hiding bomb's inside birthday cake. torture jock's by feeding them cupcake's laced with truth serum or shooting them with tranquilizer dart's and then dressing them in tutu's.

4. throwing  burning cigar's in orphanage's when you are a teenager who while not smoking still buy's cigar's just for this reason alone

5. build robot probe attack drone's to attack people from inside of them and tear them apart

6. create a army of Hyper-realistic Suicide Android Bombers to attack a mini-mall and then pretend to be a hero by using the fire alarm to scare off the people out before the suidice bomber's attack allowing the citizen's to mistake you for a hero and praise you for saving them

7. Manipulate Both Terrorist's and The Military Emperor Palpatine style into creating a full scale war so you can start your own empire

8. blow up snack machine's with robot suicide drone's

9. make acid balloon's and throw them at kitten's

10. create panic and chaos in the city using skillful and talented manipulation to trick people into panic and start killing each other

and also you get to be able to make prototype version's of The Badnik's and The Story explain's why Doctor Ivo Robotnik hate's animal's so much with his Older Brother who keep's Exotic animal's as pet's which attacked him when he was a kid