Adventures of Amy Rose the light-hearted and softer comedy spin-off series we need so that annoying nintendo loving sonic hater's can stop wanting our more Teenage based Sonic series to be light-hearted and babyish

it revolves around the adventures of Amy rose and her friend's battling against evil being's such as living drawing's. ancient trickster's. armie's of crazy pink teddy bear's and insane clown's

you start off with The Piko Piko Hammer but later get over a collection of Hammer's to use such as The Pyro Hammer. The Ice Hammer. The Tornado Hammer. The Bunny Hammer. The Extreme Hammer. The EarthQuake Hammer and so on

and can also use magic ablitie's as well such as magic tarrot card's

and there is some new friend's and enemie's in this game as well