Doctor Ivo Robotnik needs to be more evil and disturbing character who puts Mobians into a virtual reality version of hell. makes Mobians turn into wendigo monsters. has a relationship with metal sonic akin to fire lord ozai's/prince zuko's from avatar but even more twisted and cold. create chaos drain towers that make going super a fatal move. incinerate cities and ecosystems with his death egg. kidnap mobians and use them as organic batteries to power his badnik armada on a regular basis. become a god and warp the very fabric of the multiverse to his will ruthless destroying and recreating universes for fun. kidnap and torture every main character in a disturbing way atleast once. rip one of tails arms off and brutally cripple him like the joker did to barbra gordon in the killing joke. give amy rose a brutal and nasty scar of her face. love crushing mobians in his mechs and so on