FANDOM " Sonic was supposed to be a blockbuster sci-fi with the extremes of good and evil represented by iconic characters. He doesn't just have to be a colorful, kidified mascot with no story. " - Ben Hurst

it's weird how i agree with this somehow (please read Ben hurst's qoute while listening to the video)

but anyways Sonic should not be like some E-rated light-hearted video game series akin to Mario or Kirby

it needs to be More Deeper and for a older Audience like with Ratchet and Clank. Infamous. Portal. Half life and Jak and Daxter are and be all more stronger and more powerful in philosophical sense with deeper story rooted into The Very Gameplay Itself and have it spread in mystical little mysterie's around here and there

Way's to help with Keeping True to Ben hurst's Qoute above

1. We need to have a Epic Trilogy called The Sonic Frontier Trilogy where Sonic and Co discover Hidden Secret's about Sonic's true origin's and The World they where born on and about The Ancient Precusor's of before the known universe and other magnificent secret's

2. Old Face's should return with a new cast of character's along the way

3. How i would define Sonic and Eggman being The Extreme's of Good and Evil

Sonic as being The Embodiment of The Extremeness of Good:

Eggman as being The Embodiment of The Extremeness of Evil:

4.  We need to have a Lighter and Softer Spin-off series called The Adventures of Amy Rose for children to enjoy a lighter and softer version of Sonic and we have our Teenage based Sonic

5. Sonic Games need to be Rated E-10 as the norm and not the exception for now on