Sonic the hedgehog+Edward elric=Sonic elric

Tails the fox+Alphonse elric=Tails elric

Jet the hawk+Envy=Jet the Envious

Amy rose+Winry rockbell=Amy Rockbell

Shadow the hedgehog+Scar=Scar the hedgehog

Knuckles the echidna+Roy mustang=Knuckles mustang

Ashura the hedgehog+Hoheneim of light=Ashura of light

Angel the hamster+Kimblee=Kimblee the hamster

Fury the silky anteater+Wrath=Fury the Wrathful

Chaos+Sloth/Trisha elric=Chaos the slothful/Trisha elric

Valerie the silky anteater+Izumi curtis=Valerie Curtis

Doctor Robotnik+Dante=Dante Robotnik