1. She MUST be given THIS awesome redesign cause it's so awesome her outfit is so modest in this redesign and she has a killer slasher smile and tuft of fur and headscarf and sunglasses so much better


She should also totally have Aubrey plaza as her voice actress for tha awesome factor 

3. she really needs to have a B-cup chest size 

4. she and jet the hawk and wave the swallow and bean the dynamite and bark the polar bear should all form into one epic anti-counterpart to Team Sonic called Team Jet 

5. Please make her personality of that of a Sadistic and Ruthless Sociopath who want's to torture her victim's psychologically and emotionally with painful lecture's and cruel and vicious torture

6. She and Amy rose need to be HATED archenemie's out for each other's blood

7. She should be renamed Crystal Violet to fit with being Amy ROSE'S archenemy