Quantum the Slender loris 

Voice actress: Tara strong

Bio: A Sadistic and Creepy stalker who hunt's down her prey in the dark of the night and loves to creep out men with her disturbing stalker nature which she Exploits to scare them into submissiveness for her enjoyment and can use her cyberkinesis to control over badnik's and use them as a swarm to kill her enemie's

April rose

Voice actress: Mae Whitman

Bio: Amelia rose's older sister who takes care of her after their mother and father where killed in a raid on the town by a chaos sage clan which left the whole place in wreck and left only her and Amy rose the only survivor's and April emotionally drained for year's

Zip the Shuvuuia

Voice actor: Nolan north

Bio: a clownish figure and leader of team dynamo who loves to play with card's and gag tools with delight and joy and enjoy's chaos and magic trick's

Crossbone the Dilong

Voice actor: David kaye

Bio: the muscle bound beserker of team dynamo and a powerful and chaotic brute who screams in his rage smashing and tearing apart his enemie's with his teeth and devouring them up like cereal and has the temper as big as the ocean

Rocket the microraptor

Voice actor: Jeffery Combs

Bio: a twisted and crazed mechanic for team dynamo who fight's with his two wrench's and love's to build and create weapon's and stuff for his gang making them as chaotic and insane as possible for fun

Angel the Hamster

Voice actor: David Spade

Bio: A Living embodiment of pure lawful energy created by Doctor Eggman using the powerful Lawful Gems as The Anti Lifeform with a undying loyalty to his master and love for exterminating life with his might with sadistic pleasure