Josh keaton as Sonic the hedgehog

John noble as Doctor Ivo Robotnik

Mona marshal as Tails the fox

Michelle Ruff as Amy rose

Travis Willingham should still be Knuckles the echidna BUT really MUST use his EXACT voice he use's for Roy mustang *is a huge Fullmetal alchemist fanboy*

Tom kenny as Alex the anchiornis and Orbot

Steve blum as Eclipse the quoll. Espio the chameleon and Cubot

Tara strong as Shade the echidna. Blaze the cat and Cream the rabbit

Sam witwer as Shadow the hedgehog

Clancy brown as Mephiles the dark

Wendy powell as Jet the hawk

Melissa fahn as Wave the swallow and Honey the kinkajou

Aubrey plaza as Crystal Violet

Darran norris as Bean the dynamite

Adam baldwin as Bark the polar bear

Luci christian as Fury the silky anteater

Corey burton as Omega. Pir'Oth Ix and Nack the weasel (USING HIS CAD BANE VOICE!!)

Patrick warburton as Vector the american crocodile

Phill marr as Mighty the armadillo

Dee bradley baker as Ray the colugo and Drillmite the yellow wisp

Richard epcar as Angel the hamster

Jeff bennett as Zipper the shuvuuia

Jeffery combs as Rocket the microraptor

Lara jill miller as Maria robotnik

Alessandro juliani as Silver the hedgehog

Sumalee montano as Valerie the silky anteater

Yuri Lowenthal as Blizzard the dover demon

Lee tockar as Besar Makhluk Dari Kekacauan

Mae whiteman as Tikal the echidna

Tania gunadi as Marine the racoon

PETER CULLEN as Gerald robotnik

Greg baldwin as Nestor the wise

Leonard nimoy as Older Silver

Jacob Isaacs as Grand Battle Kukku 15th

Steve yeun and Scott mcneil as Ashura the hedgehog