1. Shes not one of my favorite animal's

2. Dinosaurs are so MUCH cooler than squirrels

3. Shes boring shes so not energetic and hyper ewwwww

4. She isn't blood-thirsty and obsessed with killing robot's

5. Sonic should never be retarded and play the hand to a woman's brain's cause that is sexist and messed up for a woman to be smarter and more mature than a man

6. She doesn't have awesome sharp teeth and claw's

7. She need's to be more energetic and hotblooded like a real woman and be scream more loud and epic

8. Squirrels are only good for snack food

9. I want some dinosaurs in sonic games not a squirrel

10. She has no flaw's shes smarter and crap which makes her a mary-sue