Here is my two fancharacters i made for my fanfic series i hope you all love them

Alex the Anchiornis:

voice actor: tom kenny

Bio: sonic's foster father who found him on the beach in green hill zone in a ancient preserver cube and raised him as his own along with his wife and several kids till he grew up a strong and wonderful hero he is today. now alex wants to help sonic find out his true origins and his purpose in life. he is a really goofy and somewhat childish sweetheart character in constrast to the cool and genuis nerdy tails the fox

Eclipse the Euchambersia:

voice actor: steve blum

Bio: a cunning and vicious being who hides in the darkness. eclipse is plotting with dr.robotnik to destroy Team sonic and rule the world under the name of the eggman empire. he is a cowardly and cold savage monster who slices and tears through into you when you are least expecting it to happen and cannot be trusted by anyone