wha... wha.....wha..........wh....w........... WHAT the ABSOLUTE flipping FUDGE CAKES was the point in flipping turning the character into a robot for a whole 2 year story arc and giving her a flipping redesign IF YOU ARE GOING TO KEEP HER THE SAME BORING ANIMAL SHE WAS BEFORE!!

now THAT is the animal they should have redesigned her into. i am so angry at archie comics for being so specist against these animals who are in dire need of love and popularity it is so sad and pathetic

someone needs to call a animal rights group and have them storm over to Archie comics and start a protest now

i am completely serious about this

if i took over as head writer in archie comic's sonic the hedgehog series i would make it so sally acorn would use this trope to win sonic over by transforming herself PERMANTALLY into a sciurumimus through carefully roboticizing herself and then using DNA to change herself into a dinosaur for her deroboticizing