Based off of that epic scene. i have decided to make a Sonic version of it

  • Doctor Eggman: [talking to a group of people] So, I just took my private yacht across my private lake to my private heliport. It's the only way off my private island.
  • Sonic the hedgehog: [gasps] Oh, shrimp! It's my arch rival from high school, Doctor Eggman! I can't let him see me in my Foxy science uniform. [takes off his hat and is about to put it in the trashcan]
  • Doctor Eggman: On your lunch break, eh, Fuzzball?
  • Sonic the hedgehog: Yes...I mean no...I mean...uhh, uhh, hey, whatcha been up to?
  • Doctor Eggman: Oh, just succeeding in everything you've failed in.
  • Sonic the hedgehog: You are no great shakes, Doctor Eggman. Anyone can be Ruler over a Empire made of bolts and rust like The Eggman Empire.
  • Doctor Eggman: Oh, is that so? Let's hear what you've accomplished since high school, Fuzzball.
  • Sonic the hedgehog: [thinking to himself] Don't be intimidated, Sonic. Try to imagine him in his underwear.[imagines Doctor Eggman as a hot underwater model] Oh no, he's hot! [to Doctor Eggman] I'm, uhh, in Scientific service